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What are trim and safe areas and how do I use them

A trim line indicates the size and shape of your sticker, label or decal, while a safe zone indicates a buffer zone on the inside of your cut line of about 2mm where no critical text or graphics should be placed.

When your artwork is printed and then sent to cut, there is a certain margin of error that naturally causes the material to shift slightly. This movement is due to factors such as friction, environmental temperature fluctuations, complex cuts and material production variances.

Put simply, they are out of our control. The good news is though, that they are very minor, normally within +/-0.5mm. However, that tiny variation when it comes to a fine border can be the difference between something that looks right or looks wrong.

For this reason, we recommend a ‘safe’ buffer zone around the inside of your trim line (cut line) where no critical text or graphics are placed of about 2mm.

Checking for safe buffer zones is one of the things we do when we proof your artwork prior to printing. So rest assured, that if there is an area where the safe buffer zone is not sufficient, we will be sure to let you know when we send you your soft proof.