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Should I include bleed in my artwork and how much?

Yes! Don’t forget to add a 3mm bleed to your artwork. By doing this, you ensure that even if your print moves slightly during the cut process, that your artwork will continue seamlessly to the edge. This is a standard practice in all print processes.

As with all print processes, it is recommended that all graphics that are meant to end at the cut line of your print, be extended by 3mm past this point.

There is a variance in the accuracy of all cutting processes, which can be due to friction, environmental changes such as temperature and humidity, as well as material inconsistencies.

Including a 3mm bleed on your artwork counteracts this movement.

Please note, that if you are intending to print something which will be large format or will require edge wrapping, then we recommend increasing your bleed to 25mm. Not sure how much bleed to include in your particular case? Reach out to the team here for clarification.